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i like this, i like it alot! wow Smile


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Very realistic.

Woww! This drawing is just like a photograph. Every details are neat! The pinky cheek looks so natural like a healthy child.

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beautiful... really very

beautiful... really very touching.

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Amazing portrait

Wow this is one emotion evoking pic and so fluid. Love it!

Forgive the picture, but embrace the creation.

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...excellent portrait, very realistic!...wonderful and emotional drawing!...


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Five stars absolutely brilliant Marilens!!!!!!!


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its almost cry , wonderful job

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this is incredible! Five stars

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Thank you all

I want to thank you all for such sweet, kind words. I am not use to hearing that so it means so very much to me. Thank you also ezd for your kind comments and 1000 stars, whew...Spring for being such a sweet presence with always something very positive, uplifting and supporting to say, Julia for showing her heart and joy and also brightening the queeky room with her beautiful flowers and other draws along with her very positive comments for everyone...pppman for always giving us something to think about with his wonderful talent and for also having a great sense of humor as seems all of you have and I thank you extra for that. I always know that someone is going to make me smile or fall down laughing when I come to queeky. What a joy that is. Thank you Kute also for that last comment, wow..that was very kind of you. And hakan, again...thank you for my new name lololol Big smile

I didn't want to address each and everyone separately after each of their comments because no one needs to see my mug show up over and over lolo...but I also want to thank the many others on queeky who also have a big heart, who leave such wonderful comments for all. You all know who you are and I/we appreciate all of you. OK I know getting too mushy mushy... So now I won't say anything else for a week.......................yah right. lol Wink

I just think that you all are such a wonderful bunch of friends and I respect everyone and their talents so much. Smile Love Smile

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Agree with all the good comments. Good expression and good shading.

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.