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This wonderful, emotional

This wonderful, emotional picture touches every soul on the site, mine first. You've done an amazing portrait. Such sadness, helplessness make us thinking, how can we help him, Marilyn, I feel a great RESPECT and ADMIRATION for your artwork, for your talent, for your ability to transmit real feelings and I am glad I can see these wonderful pictures here. Thank you, Marilyn!

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Oh my goodness! This is truly Incredible and Outstanding Art! Such emotion and beauty captured so amazingly well in this wonderful draw. This beautiful child looks so sad...makes me want to reach out and give him such a big hug! Exceptional work on this Marilyn, you have Amazing talent and I have great respect for you and your Art. Excellent. Smile Five stars

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Wow wow wow... This is an amazing job! Big smile 1000 stars for you Smile

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amazing!this is wonderful realism! your new name: Masterlyn! Smile

Five stars

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Ha ha ha

Thank you hakan, I don't know that I could live up to that name but that was very sweet of you. Big smile

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Very nice...

Jill Greenberg is the original artist and she does a lot of pictures of children crying: I did a couple of hers back when I started drawing here. In fact I even did this little guy in a different pose. You did this perfectly Marylin! It is really awesome and you should be prould of this one! You have come such a ways here and your artwork is really lovely.

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Thank you Kute

I looked all over for the site that I found this at, this is not where I found it but then they seem to come up all over the place sometimes. Just not when looking for it Smile . This took me forever for some reason to finish, just couldn't get into it sometimes. Thank you for your kind comments, I appreciate them very much. Smile

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YVW Marilyn!

It is true about your artworks though. You are an incredible artist. I knew when you joined you were going to be good but you blow my mind sometimes with the artworks that you come up with. Like your last Santa and all of the beautiful detail and then this one. As far as images on the internet...when I am bored and looking for something different to draw I just type in say flowers into google then click on find images and everything comes up. Eventually I find what I am looking for that way. Just keep blowing my mind with your artistic talent Marylin. I am enjoying it so much. I am glad you kept on this was well worth the wait!

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Thank you Sketch

You are always so positive and I truly appreciate your comments, they mean a lot to me. I used a reference for this but I couldn't find it again to say who the original was from. I loved it when I saw it so had to draw it. This looks so much like my son I adopted when he was three. He was so tiny with a huge head of hair and I fell in love with him the min. I saw him when he came to us as a foster child. Thank you very much.. Smile