self portrait

“Basicly, Me, my self, i X3 and also its redone”
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Bridget's picture
The blue background looks like a sky

The sofa like a dark cliff - and you have your back to the precipice.

Have a wonderful day!

hakan's picture
well done!

very good portrait! ten!

ploiesteana's picture

This is a well done draw! The sofa, the posture , how is she looking, every detail is well done, 10!

odoorikimura's picture

the overall effect of this is really nice! It's amost like the background, sofa, and figure were ll made seperately, and thn put together sort of lke mattise-esque self portrit. It's realy fun! I give it a 9!

wingspand's picture

You are very talented! Nice work.

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self portrait

Hello! a very nice self portrait! Nice work! 10