Self Portrait

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Awesome, sehr gut gemacht

Awesome, sehr gut gemacht Laughing out loud

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I like the light shade work Smile


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Excellent copy of yourself Five stars !

Have a wonderful day!

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Starting to understand a bit

Starting to understand a bit more now... Thanks for keeping it simple!

pet portraits

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...beautiful portrait!


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Beautiful selfportrait! I

Beautiful selfportrait! I love the eyes and the lips, they are verry well drawn!

do you also think that this porgramm/site is difficult to draw in? (compared with photoshop etc)


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Thank you for your comment. I

Thank you for your comment. I found it difficult to draw at the beginning, because I do it with the mouse, but I got used to it. I never drew with photoshop so I can't compare. Smile

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omg! i just discovered the website so i c an barely make stick figures and my bff would love this!!!!!

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great job

Laughing out loud great job