“6 oct 16”
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Very nice !

Happy you found a moment of down time to draw.

"Inspiration is highly overated, if you sit around and wait for the clouds to part, it's not liable to ever happen. More often than not, work is salvation" Chuck Close

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Its been ages since I'vebeen here !

Assoon my new tablet arrives I shall be drawing again

(years go bye so fast! I believe I joined in 2010? Damnnn

Love to see other people still here again still great arts!

Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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What a beautiful portrait!!!!

What a beautiful portrait!!!! I am glad you're here again, I watched how you did it and I am delighted, beautiful, I like the quite monochromy of your work! Is this your son, so big already???

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Cool, did you do it with the HTML5 app?

In the video the color gets a bit darker or lighter when created with html5 app Sad

I need to improve that ...


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Hello, ph.

I used QueekyPaint which is the same as SpeedPaint, isn't it? The tools looks different now. I just missed the custom canvas option.

About the video playback. I think it gets more reddish in the video.

It's great to come back from time to time. I just missed this community. I wish I had more time to draw.

Greetings! Smile

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Yeah this might be a little

Yeah this might be a little confusing: is providing the same tools as Queeky, but the program SpeedPaint is actually a smaller version of QueekyPaint realized with different web-technology (HTML5). This technoloy is also supported by mobile devices (IOS, Android) while Flash (which QueekyPaint is based on) is not. SpeedPaint also supports pressure sensivity in the browser which is not possible in Flash. The nasty thing is that I have to rewrite all the program code for HTML5 technology, and it is a lot of code Smile Thats why there are features missing in SpeedPaint (HTML5). I made SpeedPaint compatible to QueekyPaint, so you can start with SpeedPaint on your mobile device and finish in QueekyPaint on desktop device. But one difference is that the video of a drawing with SpeePaint is not 100% like QueekyPaint.

Flash version (QueekyPaint):

HTML5 version (SpeedPaint):

I plan in the near feature to create more features for the HTML5 version, stay tuned. Every feedback is welcome!