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“done with PixelShapes and QueekPaint”
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1 Variation

1 Variation


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Wow, this is a very

Wow, this is a very interesting result!

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the effect is so cool

If you look closer you might just see it.

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New Tools

Looks like fun stuff

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Hi Selva!

Thanks! You can try it with your own photo, just go to, click on "browse" to select your desired photo, and then play with the options/settings. You can define a specific area of your photo with your mouse (click and drag on the photo). When finished, you can use the "QKY" button to save your pixelshapes in Queeky compatible format to your computer. You can then import it from your computer into QueekyPaint, and alter, edit and save it to Queeky Wink

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This is so creative and original! Kudos to you! Smile

"Challenge yourself and you will be surprised by your improvement." -Me

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thanks sweetie

just the come out of the new pixelshapes tool Wink