“I'm aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!~ OmaigawshIhaven'tbeenonhereforforeverwhydoIevenbother I have missed yew guys xox; I have improved sooooooooooooooosososo much over the...months, and by drawing this I am stating I am alive!~ You guys should make DA accounts. My current account is SteampunkKami, and I have made so many friends over the years, but I have not forgotten you guys! This account has so many good memories, I can't just abandon it. v.v You guys are too precious. Anyways, this is my oc Sessho Captor, who is a fluffy cat god! >u< I love torturing him. He does not approve, though. His other eye is covered by hair : D name: Sessho Captor nicknames: One who cries the jack's tears, god with the right eye of a devil, moyashi(beansprout), chibi kami(small god) personality:Even he seems really serious, he is really nice and a bit of a crybaby(although he doesn't show it). He tries to isolate himself, thinking he would hurt somebody. FFFFFFFF I'm not saying everything about him all at once >:U”
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