shaded sphere

“this is my first queeky drawing and i figured i would start at the basics”
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lol half of the playback was of doodles you did; you getting frustrated/bored; and then you erasing them-but the final product/drawing is waaaay realistic and it's a great draw!!! Big smile

You are my friend. When you cry, I cry. When you laugh, I laugh. And when you jump out of a window..I laugh-again.
Everyone has a photographic memory-some just don't have film.
You're a great friend and all, but when the zombies chase us, I'm trippingu

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Niicccce, what a great job with shadows and lighting. look forward to seeing more from you. great work... Smile Five stars

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shaded sphere

What a great first draw, looking forward to seeing more. Welcome to Queeky. 5 stars

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Thanks :)

Thank you very much i was so excited to finish this drawing i hope the next are even better

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A very good start! Where is

A very good start! Where is the second draw? And the third, and...and...?

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welcome to queeky!

great job! Smile