shared nectar

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color. Beer

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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fantastic colour and

fantastic colour and depth,great work Five stars Five stars

consent can be nulified by reason of cohersion or duress!

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It is fabulous. Liking it.

It is fabulous. Liking it. True artist you are

Centurys ago when dinosours existed, an evil scientist created.... CLIFF HANGAA! Tuff! ;DD<3

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fabulous indeed..the colors are so vivid..beautiful close up...


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Such beauty, i love it. Nice

Such beauty, i love it. Nice cheerful colours, doesn't everyone just love butterflies? Laughing out loud

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so beautifull flower

lovely draw and great colors ^^

Yüksel & DamLa

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I agree with Betty about your method and with ha55ha about your colors. Awesome! Great to see something new and wonderful from you too.

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Very beautiful colors. These colors must be chosen from the left pane of color picker. I love them.

They look so lively both flowers and the butterfly.

Cool title of the drawing. It's like.....hey dude!....May I..? Laughing out loud

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Your freehand method

is inspirational and I watched this fascinating drawing. I think the color is fabulous. Laughing out loud