“a very pretty girl that is a friend of my cousin Cindy that I recently drew.”
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This one is awesome!

This one is awesome! I showed your drawings to my family and they think it's fantastic!

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thi is really good quality....from far away its a photo

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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I agree with Betty!

I love the sequins


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This is really good

This is really good stuff...great colors

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beautiful portrait!!the reflection of her glasses looks so real!!

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Bravo, a fantastic ,

Bravo, a fantastic , sensitive portrait!

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A beautiful portrait. The more one does the better they become and it shows in your work. Wonderfully done, I am sure Sharika will love this. Smile Five stars

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Love the

colour combination, kute! Smile Love Five stars Five stars Five stars

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Beautiful portrait K

Beautiful portrait K

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very nice drawing my frend Wink Five stars