sick leave

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is that a surgeon mask? i

is that a surgeon mask? i love his expression ^^ and his shiny pupils. great imagination!

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Smoking does not make you

Smoking does not make you sick! It only KILLS you, hehe... Five stars


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sick leave

Aww this poor guy looks so ill with a very bad cold! he certainly needs a holiday! hope this is not you pppman if so get better real soon. Smile Five stars

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Do I understand correctly ?

Do I understand correctly ? Is this an ashtray under his chin? How practical. Nevertheless he is not too happy. Again a funny, witty and great draw!

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it really does look like an ashtray after you point it out.

Maybe I'm too ill...

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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sick leave

Wow, that guy needs a long break and a huge hankie. He needs to pull his mask back up Wink Smile Five stars

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he really needs it 0,0

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