by KO


“I just felt like sketching up something real quick for you guys, done in a few minutes ^^, and yes I realize the middle one is terrifically horrible, but I'm not changing it lol, No reference, NO tracing, and I hope you all enjoy. ”
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guyverunit's picture
nice nudes i love

good texture study, keep going

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

Giselle's picture
the far right

is really good. Her back is strong and beautiful looking. Five stars

KO's picture

Thank you, my friend Laughing out loud I'm glad you like it


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Cool sketch.

Cool sketch.

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I'm not copying you, really I'm not, lol , but no really, the background thing, and the whole sketchy paper look, is just cause I recently got

a drawing pad that color, and everything in it looks like this ;P I've always loved that yellow paper look.

Thank you Laughing out loud