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“To Susie...I hope you like it.”
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thank youuuuu!!!!!!!

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muy bueno! gracias por

muy bueno!

gracias por mostrarnos tu metodo de cómo dibujar la piel, que en algunas ocaciones es lo más dfícil. sabes qué pienso??????? que es bueno encontrar un artista tan bueno como tú,y .... en este caso... que hable español O_o XD

feliz a quien la muerte ciñe las cienes con sangrientos lauros en medio del esplandor de la victoria...

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awesome tutorial!

way better than youtube Wink

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brilliant and generous..

a gift from a great Artist.... Crown Crown Beer Beer Beer Love Love


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Thank you!

Great tutorial and I am honored that you answered my questions in a wonderfully done tutorial. You are the best!

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well thought out and

well thought out and explained tutorial,demian09..thanks for sharing info Wink Beer Beer Beer Beer

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Great,Great,Great, Demian09!

Great,Great,Great, Demian09! Great Idea, great Help, greatly done and explained, you're a GOOD teacher! THANK YOU! For me,it was very interesting and useful, I had always problems with the texture of a face, arm, hand ...!!!!Thank you, again! Muchas graçias!

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A great tutorial

from a great person I admire Love and also a great artist I adore Love ... fantastic effects with the tools and the step-by-step process is easy to follow... Smile Smile

I have a question ... what is the use of blendmode? I have sometimes experimented with them but can't figure out there exact workings!!

To mention again THAT WAS A GREAT TUTORIAL INDEED!!! Crown Crown

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Hi LostArt

Blendmode: It's the way that some colors will mix with others. They can choose one of them in any drawing tool (pencil, airbrush, etc.).Different modes give different effects.

--" NORMAL: The color of the tool completely cover the graph."-- " ADD: generates a glow effect" -- " DARKEN: If the color is painted darker than the background, the pixels will be painted this color if the background is lighter will not change the background." -- " DIFFERENCE: the value of brightness for the pixel in the background, and the result is the difference with the front or the reverse depending on which has greater value." -- " HARDLIGHT: depending on the brightness (the amount of gray) color drawing clarifies or obscures the result" -- " INVERT: you get the opposite color" -- " LAYER: idem Normal mode " -- " LIGHTEN: Preserves the hue and saturation of the base image while applying the luminance of the pixels of fusion." -- " MULTIPLY: multiply the base by the merger of the pixel values​​, which always produces a darker color except when the blend color is white. This mode is ideal for painting shadows and give depth." -- " OVERLAY: the colors are mixed as the lights and shadows are respected." -- " SCREEN: is similar to Multiply mode, but you get bright colors."

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