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2 Variations

2 Variations


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I haven't known it before that Slash could be this cute! Nice cartoon version of him. Laughing out loud

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i love g`n`r

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Who are you?

Will the mystery person who veiws this picture of slash every day please come forward....and i will draw me Guns &

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slash is such an awsome

slash is such an awsome person to do caricatures of. great job this is at the same time funny and brilliant. 5 stars from me.

If absolutely nessasery I will cook and eat Chaka.

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Great Draw, Really good work.

Great Draw, Really good work. It reminds me of the drawings you can have done at the fair. 5 Stars

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hi please draw caricature of Hakan! Smile

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Cool , a very well done

Cool , a very well done caricature! It looks very good!

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Many thanks...Marilen & spring....yes i am a Guns & Roses fan....this was drawn for my youngest daughter....sweet child of

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wow..Amazing draw of Slash.. such alot of work in this one, the details are super.. are you a Guns N' Roses fan? Fantastic draw Ernie. 5 stars

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This is such a cool caricature, wonderfully done. so much time in doing the hair and it looks great as does everything. Awesome draw. Smile Five stars