Smokey Purple Hellebores

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OH, MY.. !

THIS IS MASTERPIECE, AMAZING TONES AND DETAILS! 3D, SOOO REAL BEAUTY! Shock Laughing out loud Love Love FAVED, FAVED... Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars ...

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I just love your drawings of flowers, they make me want to press my nose agents the screen and breath deeply through my nose, hoping its real

Pain without love is not love at all

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Very nice colors and shading

on the hellebores and texture on the leaves

Have a wonderful day!

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Fantastic , love the texture

Fantastic , love the texture Big smile

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another beauty Susan! love

another beauty Susan! love the colors and complexity of the composition!

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Thanks Starz

What on earth are you doing here? It surprized me when I seen your comment. A nice surprize though. Thanks

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I love it :D You have a

I love it Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud You have a big garden filled with pretty flowers Laughing out loud :D Laughing out loud

I'm a just a 12 year old kid, here to learn from experts~

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You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!