Sno Cone Kitty

“Thank you all that commented, I found the link to the reference photo: here you can see the photo that I used as reference.”
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Thanks flippo!

I am glad you like her. I was drawn to her because of the bright colors and of course because it is a cat!

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Super cute

The cat looks very satisfied with herself. The is so good.

Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks Brynn...

I think she may be satisfied and also think she may like that sno cone she's licking. Thanks again!

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you did lots of great drawings recently, my friend. Five stars

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Hugs pppman...

Thank you so much! Every time I draw a cat though you are on my mind. I know how much you like cats and you always do some incredible drawings!

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everyone's right.

I totally agree with everyone's comments. You draw beautifully! I wish I saw that picture in reality.

I type more than I talk.

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Thank you...

I put the comment up in the subject area so you can see the photo I used for reference, all you have to do is Google "Sno Cone Kitty" and it comes up everywhere, it is impossible to know who put the original photograph on the net. Wink Actually the very first time I seen the picture I was over to RMD and someone there drew it.

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Silly kitty! Snow cones are for kids! That's just TOO adorable Kutedymples! And the kitty looks so realistic X]

You smell like muffins ;]

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I love your comment, reminds me of that old cereal commercial. Big smile Thanks, I really tried for some realism here. Glad you think it worked. LOL

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Oh oh oh

Super cute! XD This is absolutely my favorite. XD XD XD