Sno Cone Kitty

“Thank you all that commented, I found the link to the reference photo: here you can see the photo that I used as reference.”
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Thank you...

I am glad you like her. I've been wanting to draw her forever but finally took the time this morning. Thanks so much!

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WOW wow Wow! you're the most amazing artist ever

You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!

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Awww sara...

you are sweet. I wish I were the most amazing artist ever. LOL Thanks for the nice complement!

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Thanks naattlii and animal girl...

just finished, took me all day to do this but I used a reference photo and when I first seen it about 6 months ago I knew I had to draw it. It took me until today to get up the nerve though because I knew I wanted to do it right and that it would take a long time. So it is really nice to know from someone else that it did turn out good. Thank you both so much! Laughing out loud

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your welcome

i love that cat i will look at it everyday , i was having an bad day but then i saw that picture , it made me happy

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that's so amazing,you're really good!Smile


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i am

putting that

in my favorites

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omg that is soooo amazing

omg that is soooo amazing