SoftStorm Warrior OC

“This is Soft Storm, my Snowshoe cat warrior o.c X3 She has no mate (Anymore) But two kits, GoldenWatcher and BirdsNest. Her half-sister is RavensSong (Who is my secondary o.c) And she currently takes fighting lessons from an ex-kittypet (Who does not belong to me, but to a friend who is on Facebook) Shes quiet, and gentle, but knows when to be brute and mean. She gets angry too easily however and flustered just as easily. Mother is Vanity (A rogue) and MoonJumper (A ex-clan cat) She ran away from her kittypet life and joined WillowClan.”
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wow , im gonna make my warriors oc too ! her name is Rosetail , and she is in RainClan (i made up RainClan)

love , Saharah , queen of the FlameGliders

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I Gotta give some criticism here.

I Know that my art isn't great, yours is fine. It's the bio that needs work. See, warriors names aren't capitalized like this: DarkFoot. They're like this: Fishtail. Also, practically all of the cats listed in the bio are rogues or kittypets, anything to seem more "unique x3" this is just terrible, your grammar is disgusting, you NEED to improve.

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you are the rudest person ever

love , Saharah , queen of the FlameGliders

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I disagree

They're work doesn't have bad grammar, and nothings perfect, you don't need to be so mean...


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"Your territory?", he sniffed

"Your territory?", he sniffed disdainfully. "then mark your boundaries better", he snipped. He had indeed scented the line when he crossed into the area, but figured no harm would come of him. "Well, since you seem fairly interested in my name, I will oblige."

Pip stepped further into the moonlight so she could see him better. "I'm Pip"

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"Rouge or kittypet?" SoftStorm felt obliged to ask, although her tone of voice lost its hostile growl, "Im SoftStorm..."

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"Does it matter?", Pip asked

"Does it matter?", Pip asked in a flat tone, feeling the ache of not belonging.

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"I suppose not... Its not

"I suppose not... Its not like my clan would do anything about it..." she said deflated, her eyes drew down, but sharply she looked back up, "You dont seem like much of a threat.... are you?"

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Pip shrugged. "That's for you

Pip shrugged. "That's for you to decide. Do I look like one?" he snorted, sick of the questions. Short stature and soft complexion made him look a bit less dangerous. However, a short fuse gave him a venomous attitude.

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SoftStorm raised a brow, "I'd

SoftStorm raised a brow, "I'd cool it with the attitude if i were you..." she stood up, seeming almost threatening... she walked towards him only to head past him, "Rosestar wouldnt appreciate a stranger... more or less a stranger with a anger problem.." she mumbled, heading towards the outside of the forest line.