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i wish i was that good!!!!!

i wish i was that good!!!!! Big smile


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thx for this answer ;p

as human i was walking up and down between you all. I saw your emotional content.

My gift: Originally =origin Ally means that there was and forever is a Companionparty.

Death and Solitude is an experimental Illusion myself. The Truth is we created a elapsed time in a nearly maximized solidness(body) to experience/enjoy solitude and privacy. people who are sick of it can patronize/boost others on their way.

Conclusion: Its all ENDLESS and the best Creation we had in the past , was creating a roomillusion(planet earth) to cut off the neverending sometimes boring WE-awareness.

;p >) Now you should be easily able to create LOVE

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Well describe and great drawing.

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Lovely, lovely strokes and

Lovely, lovely strokes and colours, the blue of the water and ice is very beautiful obtained, also the expression on the face of the lonely bear, a very sensitive message ...

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so amazing

i wish i can draw as good as you my personality of drawing is not on the computer though Sad and is there a version you have to pay?

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Stunning draw!

I've been working on a Polar bear also for the last week or so and then this morning I came here and seen this Stunning drawing. It is such a well done drawing that now I must definitely do some major improvements on my polar bear. Thank you so much for the Inspiration to be a better artist. I am a huge fan of your art.

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Many thanks for your lovely

Many thanks for your lovely words and for everyone else who has found some time and watched my drawings Smile


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Awesome Job

I like how you did the fur and how cohesive and subtle the colours are

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Same fate ...

... as mine. I love this draw!


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Smile Five stars STUNNING!