Some Aquarium Thingy

“I was fooling around with the brushes and ended up with this...”
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You should fool around with

You should fool around with brushes more often!! This is beautiful (and those are some cute fish!) Love Big smile

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I like your "thingy"! LOL! Smile

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i like your 'thingy'


>) Cool

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Wow! That is beautiful.. it is like being in a beautiful surreal beautiful flowing folds of a chiffon dress with wings of a butterfly.... Love

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Lovely ending! A soft image ,

Lovely ending! A soft image , lovely sea picture,full of life!

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and fun

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Very refreshing

Really nice! Reminds me of a Batik

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Thanks viridian!

Appreciate it...(I miss creating real batik. Sad ) Smile

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Very Relaxing

Soothing and pleasing to view.

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Thank you, cobaltgrace!

Maybe because I listen to relaxing/chillout music when I'm drawing... Smile Wink

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