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3 Variations

3 Variations


danila's picture
finally back...

love this, great movement on the curtains, Love Love Love interesting Ernie variation..


kutedymples's picture
Pretty and flowing...

gives me a sense of peace and freedom. A complete different feeling than looking at Ernie's addition. Just like night and day. Very pretty piece.

trazomboli's picture
I agree...'s amazing how Ernie's changed everything - he closed the window which I felt open in the first version - wonder of human imagination! Laughing out loud


ploiesteana's picture
Great transparence, love the

Great transparence, love the moving here!

trazomboli's picture
trazomboli's picture
Thank you Ernie

for a new idea - would you like to have a try? It would be very interesting if more people filled that room with their visions... thanks a lot! Smile


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I looked at this draw and felt there was something missing!....maybe this was the desired effect...but then i thought what with the blood on the floor maybe for extra effect a couple of bloodied hand prints on the wall...nice draw!...only a thought...what do you think?