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2 Variations

2 Variations


Panzer's picture
5 stars!!

blood is godamn beautifull

danila's picture

creepy,yes scary, giving much to imagination, a crime scene.. Love Love


kutedymples's picture

is an understatement! Chilling, super scary and makes me wonder what the heck happened there. Looks like a crime scene to me. Excellent addition Ernie! Puzzled

trazomboli's picture
Ernie! You did it!

Frightening brilliant! Five stars


ernieplucknett's picture
Desired effect!

Do you now see what i mean Trazomboli...what was a nice tranquil scene has now been dramatically changed with just a few brush strokes...but i will say that it was your original drawing of the red stain near the carpet that gave me the idea...for me it was crying out for a bit of is king! Smile Smile Wink

trazomboli's picture
Yes exactly, and I like your idea of

transforming something into a totally different state, and I see how the seed lay within the picture already. Fascinating work, isn't it? Thank you, Ernie!


ernieplucknett's picture
How a picture can paint a

How a picture can paint a thousand words...just with a few brush it becomes interesting!