by ezd

spanish girl

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Wow 42 votes!

Five Five stars

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omfg!!!!! it looks like a

omfg!!!!! it looks like a foto!! the face is amazing O.O

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Un trabajo hermosisimo, perfecto e increible,de verdad estoy maravillada...

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beautiful !!!stars

beautiful !!!stars

Have a wonderful day!

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ezd this is very good

ezd this is very good drawing. my favorite now Love Smile

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Oh, wow!


This is so beautiful, love the collars, the shading, i'm stunned by it! Straight to my favourites!

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...great!... wonderful portrait, what colors!...


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Very cool

Your technique is totally awesome, I learn something new every time I watch your speedpaintings Smile

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Beatiful girl

Again an awesome painting with such a mood in it - really nice details and color -> that create a great and warm mood.

I love your work!



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This is so beautiful. You have awesome technique!

Brittonee Deleveaux