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this is great

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this is great i like spider

Five stars this is great i like spider man .. n yes i find it very hard using my mouse aswell as thats all i have with no other tools.. im thinkin of trying 2 get a tablet but just cant aford a descent 1.. never mined tho as u said itsa a challenge every time we start new draws .. Smile

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An impressive Spider Man!

An impressive Spider Man!

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thnks for the comment!

yes i admit that its very difficult to draw with the mouse but its funny cause it represents a challenge for me plus i dont have any other tool,i dont like to copy any draw either ,or see any image, i just think on something in my mind and i star to draw it helps me that i can remember many images from movies that i saw before!jejejeje im glad that you like my draws!im thinking to take some clases of drawing cause i never had the chance ,and perhaps i can adquire some good techniques, in order to one day draw as good as you guys do!! Big smile Big smile