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she is spring!

nice gift to Liz

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This is a fantastical gift

This is a fantastical gift for spring- all her fairy characters done with so much tenderness! I love this wonderful draw!

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Oh WOW! pppman...This is absolutely beautiful! my silhouettes have been brought to life in this wonderful creation of colours and such an Amazing draw.

The girl from "butterflies for you" the fairy from "fairy greetings" and of course the tree, toadstool ...the little gnome and his dog! This is indeed wonderful works as always. Thankyou so very much! Smile 5Stars....

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I really like this, it makes you smile, well done Smile

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this is such a beautiful picture, so amaing, 5 starz, and i was wondering what brush u used to get that texture?

Touch the stars, and the planets too..

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she is very pretty,good draw

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