Stick your tongue out!

“I love Yoko DHolbachies artwork so I thought I would do one, here it is!”
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laughter is the best medicine

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I just love this level of crazyness, nice colors!

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Wow, very nice and crazy

Wow, very nice and crazy picture. Smile

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Thanks everyone!

I had so much fun with this I may even do another of the artists works. I just love the style and the colors...well anyone that knows me even a little knows how well I love love love bright colors. LOL My colors may have even been just a tad bit brighter than the original but hmmm, just my take on the picture. Smile Thanks everyone for your comments and rates on this!

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I like that illustrator too


Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Cute and demented at the same

Cute and demented at the same time, lawlz. Great draw

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I LOVE IT! So many colours and yet they blend so well...I googled images for Yoko DHolbachies and you captured the imagery so well! Thanks for sharing Big smile Five stars Five stars Five stars

Do everything with LOVE...

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agree with betty,,,cute

agree with betty,,,cute Laughing out loud

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whoa. I liiiiike it!

whoa. Tongue I liiiiike it!

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and colorful