Still Life

“Copper pot, jar, bowl and eggs. I touched up the eggs so hopefully now they look more like eggs. :)”
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Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin!! perfect! Five stars Smile

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Vitor Borba Ferreira Rivaldo! Goal! Smile

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still life

you did a very nice job on this draw...I really like these kind of drawings. Very nice details and the copper pot is wonderful. Smile Five stars

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still life

Wonderful still life, sort of antique feel to this draw, great copper pot and detailed draw. So what's for dinner? Smile 5 stars

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I love it

great details

& well done

5 Five stars

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Great still life, Susie, a

Great still life, Susie, a real picture, perfect copper pot, the old broken stony table is so real. And the wonderful background! I am totally impressed!

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Still Life

U did a great work as always! Very nice composition and perfect colors. Realistic and well done! 5 stars

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draw and shadows! Smile

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Thank you :)

Thanks so much for all of the great comments and ratings. It sure feels good to be back here and drawing again amongst all of my friends. Seems like forever I could only pop in once in a while and not do any serious draws. With your encouragement and friendship I feel like I have been newly inspired.

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What a great looking copper pot. The table is really cool. The eggs look real. Nice job. I really love your work.

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