Still Life

“I will rename it later.”
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Like a photo...many color

Like a photo...many color here Smile

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It looks so real I just want to reach for a fruit and I already smell and taste them. Wonderful picture!

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This is great, wonderful textures!!

Is a great job, i like the still life art. Five stars

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Very striking!

Strong colours make for a very vivid draw...nice!

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love it

how did you make it glow like that Shock

LALALA i love drawing

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The Menu you ask?

Nothing! Ha Ha! That is what I told my husband yesterday. I am so sick of cooking, I am going to throw him some fresh fruits and veggies. He could use a system cleanse. LOL Thanks so much everyone for your awesome comments!

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Oh nice textures.

Really great textures of them. What's the menu today Laughing out loud

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Fabulous ...

... colours, texture, shine ... all just fabulous.

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Great still life, looks so

Great still life, looks so real. I like it.

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looks great! Five stars

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