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shadows and highlights

Nice! Chaplin in background Laughing out loud I like how you highlighted and shadowed her, she looks alienated Smile

Doubt everything. Find your own light.

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Very cool!

It's as though I can feel the wind in this drawing!

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guyver style

great draw Smile

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keep on

my friend. Five stars

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Great draw.

So realistic. Love the textures.

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Very cool!

Very cool! Cool

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GReat job!!!

Halle Berry is so beautiful Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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so great...i love those sparkles.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

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Once again returned to this site, I keep returning!

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Have a wonderful day!