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GOOD DRAWING AGAIN! Big smile Five stars

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That's my dog right there. :3 Very cute! Five stars

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Ha Ha!

I won't eat this and you won't make me!...very good draw...loads of humour in this draw!

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british bull dog

hey this is great work.well done .

art is something that has no purpose apart from its self.

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Again thank you))

Soon our comments will become only "thanks"es Big smile

You know...I used to draw on paper about two years ago...then happened one very unpleasant thing for me, I took part in an accident and got a strong shock...After that I couldn't draw at all...until I found this site ))) Computer drawing is absolutely another thing indeed, but still it's great ))

And one more great thing here is the huge company of talented and kind people )

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.
(George Bernard Shaw)

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Thank you

Very much for your words)

You were the first person to encourage me here)

Your opinion is very important for me

Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.
(George Bernard Shaw)

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That is an honor that you think my opinion means that much to you. Really, you have a lot of talent and I don't even think you knew it before joining Queeky. I love to see that happen when new artists/people join. Encouragement means everything to an artist, why else would someone make a creation and make it public? I think it is because they are reaching out for acceptance in their craft. I was very lucky when I started drawing online that I joined a community of very talented and friendly artists that helped me along with my artwork. I was not at all good when I first started drawing online. I have been able to paint and draw since I could hold a crayon and completely self taught. But to draw online I was a mess. Wink Just keep going and growing in your abilities and seriously what I said about you being a favorite around here...mark my words. I can usually spot talent right off. That is why sometimes I comment on new artists drawings (that other people would pass up) because it is something that I see and feel about that artist. Ah, sorry this turned into a book. Really, Thank you! Big smile

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this is really good right down the the reflections. I remember the first time we talked and you said you were not an artist. You do better work than a lot of people that claim to be an artist. This is nice and going to my favorites. He's a funny dog!