by vig

sufjan stevens

“Merry Christmas ”
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kutedymples's picture
Just awesome!

I don't know how I missed this picture, it is brilliant to say the least. The details you put into this are incredible. Even the blow up santa look real. You are the "Masterful Artist" Vig, I knew from the instant I seen your first draw "Beth Ditto" that you would be a great on this site. You have proved me right.

randomperv's picture

you're so good. I want that tie lol, I like some Sufjan Stevens, I was listening to three ships last night yeah, Chicago is quite good too. I'm lovin the details like the wallpaper wow!

summer's picture
a late merry christmas vig

this is great ,fantastic christmassy details.your drawing are getting better and better each time,i love this.10.

hakan's picture
hello vig!

great job!ten!

haus's picture

Amazing!!! Very funny! And super well doned!

R. Haus

ploiesteana's picture

Bright colours, bright picture. I like the idea with the picture in picture, great details! Have a very, very peaceful Christmastime!

jzpeperonica's picture

Wow - amazing draw! It`s looking so real, very great done!!

Merry Christmastime!!!

spring's picture
suf jan stevens

Wow Vig this is absolutely a great draw! full of wonderful detail. Hey I like the little santa too. **10**

Have a great Christmas Vig! Smile)