Sugarii Boyfriend Contest

“I figured since I DO ise her frequently, she is sorta a main character, like MeloDIE and Cammy, but for random RPs, Well, I got tired of her being alone, now if I send you a link, it just means im inviting you to enter the contest, it dosnt mean you HAVE to -.- first prize, Gets to be her boyfriend, and a picture to your request, and a GIf 2nd place, a best friend, and a either one or the other, a ipcture or a GIF to your choice, 3rd place, second best frined, and a picture to your choice. IM NOT LOOKING FRO HOW GOOD IT IS DRAWN!!!!! IM LOOKING FOR GOOD BACKSTORYIES AND PERSONALITY!!!! YOU COULD DRAW A STITCK FIGURE AND GIVE IT A GOOD STORY! IT MIGHT UST WIN (It wouldnt, please dont take that litteral o . o) Anywhoozies XD the deadline is the 21st”
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I GOT ONE O3O just give me

I GOT ONE O3O just give me like an hour to draw him XD

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