“winter is a wonderful season. but I prefer the hot summer and autumn (without the rainy and stormy days)”
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This drawing

Big smile Pretty! Five stars Five stars

Music is good and so is art and reading.

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These eyes... amazing!

These eyes... amazing!

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cute and I love the blue eyes! 5 stars

=^.^= Meow!

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I Love It.. <3

I Love this picture its got really nice colours specially her hair and eyes..... I Love the way you have smoothend it and made lighter parts in her hairs Big smile Tongue

Gulsun Yoncu

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thank you very much Smile

First it shouldn't look like that but accidentally I drew on the background layer. So I couldn't color it without overdrawing the outlines^^' But it's a new style and you like it. so its ok ^_^

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suupii ^.^

deutsch an die macht XDD

God's busy, may I help you ;D

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Danke ^______^

Yeah jetzt kommt die deutsche Fraktion XD

Danke Nox, thx Furin1994! Sexy

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sie is so superkawaii ^^

sie is so superkawaii ^^

I live for Manga.

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Das bild ist ja so niedlich.!

Five Stars. Five stars

You get nothing for nothing. Always you've to work for it.

Artes bonae.

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Vielen Dank! ^_________^ Sexy