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summer shower → variate

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1 Variation

1 Variation


KO's picture

Gorgeous Smile *fivestars


mobiustwist's picture
love the soft light

Wow i love this draw, especially the hair and the glow

hakan's picture

nice pose Smile

ploiesteana's picture
A lovely chose of colours!

A lovely chose of colours! Nice draw! How good you could save it finaly!

spring's picture
summer shower

Fantastic job on this Ernie, glad you were able to save. A wonderful shower scene, she is beautiful. 5 stars

kutedymples's picture

Ernie this is fabulous! She is truly amazing taking a shower, the lighting and shading are perfect. So glad you could save this. It would have been very sad to lose such a beautiful piece.

marilens's picture

Such wonderful shading and perspective...This is a beautiful when were you peeking into my window?? huh? huh? lololo just kidding of course Wink , you really did a great job. Smile Five stars

ezd's picture
summer shower

this is awesome! Nicely done! 5 stars

matildavtdr's picture

very nice draw ernie.. Smile Five stars

ernieplucknett's picture
Wow i got there in the end!

This drawing did not want to be saved.....but i think i got there in the end....yay!