Sunrise Sunset Fields...

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Never thought that the firework drawing would turn into a landscape. Nice done ^^ It's fun to watch the video Big smile

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Thank you N1na...this was

Thank you N1na...this was originally going to be fireworks (different than the firework painting I posted), but I edited it and made it into this...thanks for looking...Smile

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A charming picture, I see

A charming picture, I see mountains somewhere in the background and a beautiful field, just awaked from the night sleep, a very pleasant atmosphere.

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Thank you ploiesteana for all

Thank you ploiesteana for all of your supportive and thoughtful comments. You are always thoughtful and nice with all of your words. It's a pleasure to know you here at Queeky. Thank you...Smile

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Isn't it funny how we see

Isn't it funny how we see other images in paintings. I suppose that's what makes art so exciting. I always try and give you my interpretations of what I see in your paintings and enjoy doing so. Well done! Smile

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Very true Chr...unless so

Very true Chr...unless so specific and drawn almost perfectly I too see many different images within a is fun and interesting to look at and the process of painting online makes it fun to watch as we go with each stroke and each smudge...thanks Chr...

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Morning in the

Morning in the cornfields...very nice MBM

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Originally the fields were

Originally the fields were part of mass fireworks...thanks Chr...Smile