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3 Variations

3 Variations


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Thanks! Yes, certainly! It


Yes, certainly! It will be interesting to me to look at your option

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Lots of fun!

It was so fun experimenting with your beautiful drawing and I thank you for letting me play around with it. I actually tried something here I have never done before. I created more layers and then I imported different images to the new layers. I edited the images by erasing things and adding things and ended up with an image that looks as if it was all painted. The finished work did not end up in the regular gallery it ended up in the collage gallery because of the added images. It was the most fun I have had with a drawing in a very long time. I did not even know the Queeky program had the option to import to layers while having a drawing already started. I hope you like it, and thanks again! :Cool

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Beautiful scene...

I wasn't sure what I was going to add to it when I started but then I was looking through my photos on my computer and came up with an idea.