Sunset Bridge

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Nice twilight feeling!

Nice twilight feeling!

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SO PRETTY!!! LOVE EVERYTHING, GORGEOUS SKY! FAVED! FAVED! Love Big smile Smile Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars , Five stars ,Five stars ..

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...wonderful perspective!... Five stars


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Thank you Cimmaron

Glad you like it. I really love bridges but they are pretty difficult to do. I see all kinds of mistakes in the bridge now that it is posted. Perspective has never been easy for me either. So it really means a lot to me that you and the others like this. Thanks so much! Love

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i love

this is amazing i love the silluetes u shuld do a beach sigh so nice Laughing out loud

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beautiful landscape...i like

beautiful landscape...i like the light... Laughing out loud

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is this a particular bridge, viewed at sunset, or a bridge named Sunset Bridge? something near you? very nice...almost manga, but merrier

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Glory at dusk...

was the original title for the photograph I found on the internet. I actually found the reference photo at a site called so I really don't know what bridge this is supposed to be. But with the sunset in the background I thought the name Sunset Bridge would be a good title for the drawing. Thanks so much for your comments and rates! Hope life is treating you well. Laughing out loud

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Great landscape. Five stars

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You changed the like anime and i like it. Smile 5stars. Five stars

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