Super Colgate Model

“I think I've been infested! It's in my head now, soon it will hatch and bloom! :) Sorry for the lame composition, I started it as a simple study, then got carried away. Beautiful Ref photo here:
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outstanding! Love it

outstanding! Love it Smile

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Awwww That hurts!

Great lighting, great strokes. Looks so scary. You made it bloom here. Big smile

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I like this one more then the previous one.

A great success on presenting the lightlight.

The mouth part is creepy great!

Drawing is about studying yourself and your target.

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Strange yet great.

Strange yet great. Laughing out loud


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Utterly amazing!

That really must hurt. The colors are amzing. 5stars Big smile

I came, I saw, I conquered~

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Glad you like it I am

Glad you like it Smile

I am studying to be a painter, so colors are my business you might say Tongue

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Thank you. In my opinion, it

Thank you. In my opinion, it is not creepy enough!

Right now the eyes are looking slightly down and to the left, but I tried to make them stare into the viewer's SOUL and torment them to no end (just like the original picture does) Laughing out loud