“Its best to be prepared. Sano from my comic. I hope you enjoy. crit and comments are welcome”
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Amazing art...that is freakin' coool~

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I say

That's a very good piece of art! Big smile

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this is so cool!! but i cant

this is so cool!! but i cant find tha face... or the arms... i would love it so much more if i could find thos...

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Nice job !

Very intricate work. Nice. Keep it up

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Welcome to Queeky....

I don't have any critic's on your work. It is very interesting to look at and I like it a lot. Also, welcome to Queeky. I see you are one of our new artists here. Keep drawing, you are doing so well already I know your gallery will be filled with amazing art soon. Big smile

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Thanks Oh you commented on

Thanks Laughing out loud Oh you commented on my old Naruto drawing xD. Im glad you like this one as well and i will be drawing more frequently this time ha

i cant think of anything Oups.....