Sweeney Todd and Mrs lovett

“Hello my friends. I am happy to be back by this gallery.”
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oh you have so cool drawings

oh you have so cool drawings Laughing out loud

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on being featured artist =-) This is a wonderful drawing, you can almost feel the texture of the clothes and the hair is great. You have an awesome gallery that I enjoy looking in on. Smile Five stars

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wow. Thanks my friends for the comments

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Five stars Five stars THIS IS FANTASTIC! YOU HAVE OUTDONE YOURSELF! Smile Laughing out loud FAVED

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yay! xD

i saw this movie for the first time 2 days ago lol! it was a good movie and your picture is awesome x3

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It's so...real. Five stars

What happened happened.

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For being the featured artist here at Queeky. Your artwork is wonderful and you have much talent.

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excelente! me encanta Five stars que bueno q hayas vuelto

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wow this is great. you should

wow this is great. you should try to draw Tim Burton

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Oh My God.

This is an AMAZING painting! It looks like a photo! 5 stars!

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