Talk To The Hands

“My Cartoon contest entry. :)”
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spectacular Kute

so you did many faces too.Of course this is so wonderful, lovable expressions!!!!!!!! Big smile Five stars Five stars Five stars a fav..


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Haha, love it. (:

Something comical about this drawing, it's very good.

Faved. Laughing out loud


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Bodacious colors

and cool cartoon

Have a wonderful day!

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Thanks polenta

I appreciate the comment, but quick is one thing I am not. I usually have a lot of unfinished works in my folder. I work on a lot of them during the same time period. It takes me days to complete a picture, but because I have so many started it seems like I am quick. LOL Thanks for the "Good" comment. Every drawing that I do I consider practice for the next one. I have been drawing many, many years but have never had formal art training. I have learned everything by doing and watching others. Thanks again! Big smile

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you are so good... and so

you are so good... and so quick!!!