taxidermy and pie → variate

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Outstanding draw! Sunning! The book is perfect!

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Art!thrill. It's so cool to see you work; I love the layered build-up - the subtleties of colour in the final painting are delicious.. the colour of the book's spine in particular.

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Thank you!

I really appreciate all your comments. You are very kind to me. Laughing out loud

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oH MY GOD....

Ur amazing

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wunderfull! toxidermy its perfect its most popular book in our world!!!

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Taxidermy & Pie

Well thought through composition you have captured the antique feeling of the book, I particularly like the feathered bookmark Martyn

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taxidermy and pie

This is absolutely Amazing! A very, very impressive draw! and so very well done! **10**

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Wow, how is it possible for you to have enough patience to do this...on the comp?...o.O Id never sit down and focus this way. Its awesome!

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This is great!

A wonderful picture. What really draws my attention is that writing on the front of the book, it actually looks indented. The whole picture is amazing though. Awesome job!