by vig

Tegan in blue

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You have an amazing style. I love how you work with the colors! Beyond beautiful!

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i think it looks fantastic when itz enlarged!

thumbs up!

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i love the colors!

and the tatoos...Innocent)

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i love it the use of blue

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Tegan and Sara

I have a friend from another drawing site that adores Tegan and her sister Sara. If you would like to see just one of her fantastic sketches go here http://studio.floatingginkgo.com/st1/comment.php?mode=add&resno=1020

This is really awesome though, the lighting and everything about it. Loving the blues as well.

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tegan in blue

fantastic draw,the light is brilliant.10

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thank you!

thank you guys! actually, there're some details i forget to add. plus, it's terrible when it's enlarged.

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Thid draw is fantastic the colors are beautifuland the details are fantastic !

Well done

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tegan in blue ..10..

this is amazing, well done. ..10..