by ezd

testgirl → variate

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beautiful drawing!

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Another great painting Ezd.

Another great painting Ezd. This inspires me to work even harder lol, thank you.

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wonderful Smile

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Japanese Girl

I watched this draw two x's and each time I saw something different. The way you created the face, the flower, the parasol, the hand... truly a wonderful to watch your vision come to life. "So talented you are"....Yoda 5 stars

The peace that passes understanding.
Eve Michelini

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How can you draw so well with a mouse?! Amazing technics! I AM SPEECHLESS:)

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wow! perfect technic! Five stars

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Fantastic art to use the

Fantastic art to use the colours, shadows, and light , impressive work!

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This is flawless O.o

This is flawless O.o

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Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot for all the comments!!! But i'm not Z, Lol

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How did I not pick up on that?

Nice to have you back Z!!! Wow, I should have known...I can usually pick out peoples styles guess you just caught me by surpise!