“Opt drew a picture and gave a link for his reference, as I was at the site and looking at the other pictures I seen this and had to draw it. Here is the url for the picture I done:
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the details are amazing!


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how you do that sorry, my

how you do that sorry, my english is not good Wink

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nice work

Five stars jow you do that? waaaw!!!

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I really love her beads!!!

The beads in her hair are shiny and realistic, just gorgeous!!!

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i was stunted when i saw this one! so realistic!

there's nothin beyond your reach... unless you're short

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...outstanding work!...great details!...


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So cool

This is great!!!!!!!! Very expressive draw!!! Smile

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I like it. Five stars

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

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Five stars i can See your tolerance at every stage on this drawing-and the love to draw

well done Smile

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simply beautiful. I especially love the eyes and the headress. Good choice of colors, they seem to all blend in quite perfectly.

The wonder of art still haunts me, like a ghost I don't want to give up.