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i knew it

i knew it, this is a great, beautiful draw. i knew after you created adan, it had a relation to adam and eve, or adan and eva, and the apple, the seed of life

Touch the stars, and the planets too..

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The Apple

Wow, well Liz says it all. this is awesome pppman. The baby, maybe the seed of the apple? wonderful draw... Smile Five stars

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The apple

The apple on this tree is represented by a heart...a new born child being the apple of every Mothers eye and of course a heart full of enormous love.....or this wonderful painting showing the creation of Adan and Eva or Adam and Eve...and a holy birth. Beautiful work pppman. Five stars

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bloody child...power of

bloody child...power of childs heart

:)Create!!!!!!!! Greetings to the Elite. Smile

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Super draw!!! Laughing out loud I Like this Five stars