The Big Splash

“another water practice drawing”
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Very pretty

Laughing out loud Its really pretty as usual Laughing out loud

Who could have made such a big splash !

Very beautiful 5 stars

I'm a just a 12 year old kid, here to learn from experts~

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You make me a saaaaaad panda.
-Sexual harassment *Music note* Panda!

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wow wow wow

omg this is so cool! Five stars


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GReat drawing...

I like the colors. Five stars

" I want to know,
have you ever seen the rain??? " - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Awesome! I dont kno how to use the tool u used

I am amazing and you kno it! XD Laughing out loud

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Love it!

I think my goldfish would absolutely love it in there!!! Beautiful colors and motion! You are very talented indeed:) I love your entire gallery. Do you have an account at Deviant Art? or do you only draw here?

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..., excellent drawing!...great colors!...


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Great color and effects!!

does not look like a practice drawing, certainly one of your best

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The shape of the wave/splash reminds me of the style of William Morris's textile and wallpaper designs and the big stylised flowers he was so fond of ...

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Big splash

Very pretty, the movement of a turbulent ocean can make it's own powerful splashes or maybe a big whale just jumped out and back in lol, hey it's all about the extent of your own imagination Sakura Nice job on the water Kute...Well done Smile Five stars