The Boxer

“A request from LadyKora and her family.”
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Great draw!

This is going to be a real winner with lots of people here on queeky...well done, really great draw...big 5!

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Your picture

Look in you inbox plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you

Thank you for showing me this i love it! Also thank's for making the boxer it's a HUGE it!


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This is very cute. It reminded me that I need a boxer :'(

Nerd is the Word. (>")>
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Yes, I noticed after I was finished he was sad and maybe bored. I will take him for a walk, it will do him and me a lot of good. Thanks pppman! Glad you like him Big smile

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looks sad and boring. Take him(?) a walk or give some snack.

Great work! kute! Big smile SUPER 5! Crazy

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