The Bride

“I pulled this out from my unpublished folder. I finished it tonight. It's an idea for a series I thought that I might work on. Paintings of the highlights in a woman's life...Prom Night, The First Date, The Wedding, The Expectant Mother, etc. I'll probably not follow-up on it, so if you like the idea and want to use it be my guest! ^_^ Enjoy your 11/11/11 until 11:11pm! Mine's over...”
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Yeah, you're right, selinadie...

They do give that impression, don't they? I think I'll tweak that lady in red...thanks! Big smile

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@ demian09 & freezeheat

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud ...I think it's Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate"...kidding aside, without that guy there that arch would have been boring...try this, cover him with your thumb and tell me what you think... Smile

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A lot of great details in

A lot of great details in this drawing. I like that all of the guests are faceless, thus bringing more attention to the bride.

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My intention

exactly, Mysti!! Smile Check out this link/video my brother sent me - just for fun. As artists, we know it's not only the face that shows emotions, but the body as well...

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A really cool style! The

A really cool style!

The style of this drawing is nothing but amazing! great job here it's so fun to look at!

the bride gives that smile that knows everybody's looking at her beauty and she look really happy about it Laughing out loud

the one in the back steals a quick look at the bride, it's not the groom, normally the groom waits for the bride and not the other way... so I think it's someone from the church going for a quick peek at the bride...

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I like the idea for this new series of drawings Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars Five stars

Who is the man in the background?, Is the groom?, Does he afraid of marriage? Cool

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What a great idea and wonderful detailed drawing. It is a lovely style and I would love to see more on this subject from you! Great work! Love Love Love

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Thank you, kute! expectations, please! Smile Wink

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looks quietly pleased with herself. It sounds like a sweet idea for a series

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Want to know what she's

thinking, betty? She's thinking, "This is fun! I should do it more often..." Smile Thanks!

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