The Butterfly Effect

“The Butterfly Effect is a thriller movie about time travel. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. This is one of my favorite movies, as of yet.”
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Never heard of that movie, I

Never heard of that movie, I might like it >D But anyway that pictures AWESOME!!! Love

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I agree

great movie..the butterfly is done so well and your writing is awesome. Nicely done.. Smile Five stars

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Thank you!

Like I said to Giselle, my handwriting normally sucks, so I'm glad it turned out in this.

I suppose not many people would guess, but the writing was harder than the butterfly Wink

Thanks for the rate and comment Big smile

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Great draw and good movie

Great draw and good movie Big smile

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Thank you!

Thanks for the rate and comment, it's very much appreciated Laughing out loud

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I see___

____ a lot of work on the butterfly wings. This is some legit of the butterfly's wing pattern. Cool text, too.

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Thank you!

I had a picture of a butterfly on my other screen to reference. It was alot of fun to make, thanks for the rate ^^

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Another great movie tribute!

I must have watched this movie a dozen times! You did a super job on this. The text is really well done too! I noticed it isn't showing up on the front page too, that is really too bad. I hope you make it to upcoming and then you'll have a proper feature. Five stars

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Thank you!

Thanks Giselle! I normally have a real hard time writing text, but I'm glad I did well this time Laughing out loud

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So pretty...

and the movie is one of my favorites too. I have seen it countless times and would watch it again. Cool technique you used for this. Pretty picture.